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Links to music sites and resources

Music Sites


Dan Krimm- Fretless electric bassist with whom I've performed my originals in the LA area. Check out Krimm's clever Ma Nishtana MP3!
Greg Osby - Alto saxophonist & composer. Link goes to his "resources" page, where he posts charts and outlines interesting compositional ideas.
Miff Mole- Creative Music/Free Time
Possibly the best jazz radio show in the entire world; broadcasts Thursdays 10 p.m. - Midnight, on 88.3 FM out of San Diego, CA.
Dave Latchaw - Jazz pianist and composer living in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Pat Kelley - Terrific straight-ahead LA jazz guitarist.
Art Johnson - My 3rd guitar teacher - encyclopaedic knowlege of music & the guitar.
Vinny Golia - Multi-reed player, plays both free jazz and New Music. This is the site of his label Nine Winds.
Duncan James - My 2nd jazz guitar teacher and a funny guy - a burning bebop player.

New Music

Nels Cline- One of my favorite LA guitarists. Really creative & exciting.
Jim McAuley- Jim is just about my favorite LA guitarist. Plays acoustic, microtuned guitars with a nimble finger-picking technique, employing floating bridges and even Delta-style slide! His name links to an interesting interview with him.


Jeff Alu - Prolific LA area modern classical composer. Very interesting ideas. Check his MP3.com site for free music DLs.


Dogs Gone Fishing - Doug Kolmar's slightly skewed pop compositions and duo. I especially admire his pre-duo overdub piece, "The Gamut Minus One," and his solo extended techniques on guitar, under his own name.


For Musicians

Frets.com - Home guitar repair guide.
Future of Music Coalition - Grassroots musicians' digital music watchdog group wants you.
JazzLoft.com - Very cool website, selling independent and small label innovative jazz albums at no cost to the musician.
Jazz World Database - Comprehensive listings of artists, agents and bookers, festivals, instrument makers, and on and on...
JerryJazzMusician.com - A jazz info site, featuring discography, interviews, links, art.
JustStrings - Cheap online strings.
Larry Vigneault's Guitar Set-Up and Repair guide - Terrific resource for electric guitarists. Everything from technical advice to Larry's own music and well-researched links.
Musicians and Injuries - "How come I can't feel my fingers anymore?!" Symptoms and preventive tips. Inform thyself.
NeckUp - Ergonomic device for hollow-body and classical guitarists replaces a strap. This particular rest has the best design I've come across - I've been using a NeckUp for quite awhile and highly recommend it.
RealPlayer - Download the free version so you can listen to my audio samples! Look for the RealPlayer Basic 8 - that's the free one.
Sound Surgeon - Where my album BAIL! was recorded.
U.S. Copyright Office - Get it registered! Costs the same amount to register one piece of music as it does to register your complete works. It's cheap - so do it!


Barbara Meyer Fiore - She did my CD cover art, layout and graphics. A portfolio of cartoon art she designed for commercial websites.
Karen Lewis - Her cartoons plastered all over mugs, T-shirts, etc.
HTML color codes - For use in designing your own web pages. Expand to 300%.

Politics Society Environment

ACLU - Join their "Alert List" and get email alerts of quick actions you can take to protect your own civil liberties.
Afghan civilian bombing casualties - 3,767 civilians were killed by US bombs between October 7 and December 10. Professor Marc Herold of University of New Hampshire compiled stats from corroborated internat'l news and eyewitness reports. The figures missing from most American newspapers and radio reports, updated regularly by Prof. Herold.
Amnesty International - Internat'l human rights watchdog group.
BBC World News - Print version; streamed BBC radio reports available in sidebar. A good source if you want to get close to the truth.
Campaign Against Depleted Uranium - Efforts to stop the use of DU in weapons such as those used in Gulf War; it causes leukemia.
Common Dreams - Progressive news site.
Consortium News - Non-profit news outlet with emphasis on liberal political opinion.
Doctors Without Borders - Int'l medical teams who bring medicines and treatment to people who otherwise can't get it due to sanctions, lack of money, etc.
GreenNet - Collective working for peace, human rights and the environment through the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs).
Human Rights Watch - Int'l organization documents rights abuses; also an independent news source.
International Action Center - Ramsey Clarke's organization. Vibrant int'l political heads-up.
Irish Mexico Group - Background on the peasant revolt in Chiapas.
Liberal Oasis -Mark Spittle's political site - the creator of the funny li'l anti-Bush movie
Manchester Guardian - World news and opinion from a liberal, UK perspective; my favorite news source.
Media Alliance - Political activism in journalism. They publish the Bay Area media review, Media File.
MediaChannel.org - Media watchdog, altenative news reports.
New Yorker archives - Look for Seymour M. Hersh articles under "ANNALS OF NATIONAL SECURITY"
NPR - National Public Radio. Download or stream reports from today's news or from the archives.
Oxfam - Fighting poverty, suffering and injustice worldwide.
PaxPeace.net - Int'l calendar of peace events. Scroll down for your city.
PeaceAction.Org - California's largest peace organization.
RadioProject.org - Alternative radio programming. Listen to archived streams of the program Making Contact.
RAWA - Afghan feminist organization. Women who have fought for freedom of women under the Taliban.
United Nations news - Get news on international humanitarian aid campaigns straight from the horse's mouth. Another alternative news source when the papers fail.
¡Viva Zapata! - Political Cartoons and graphics of Mexico.

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